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Keyword Monitoring - Ensures your sites loads correctly

Keyword monitoring looks for specific keywords or phrases in the page response. This is an improved way to ensure your website loads correctly compared to only doing a http header response lookup.
Creating a keyword website monitor on MonitorUptime.IO
  • Go to MonitorsCreate monitor.
  • Enter your sites details, URL / IP address and select fitting ping locations.
  • Select notification methods to be used if any problems is discovered.
  • Click the `Custom Response button´.
  • Type the exact keyword or text that is required to be found URL/IP.
  • Click Create.

Keyword Monitoring on

If you're a website owner, it's crucial to monitor your site's uptime and ensure that your content is loading properly. That's where keyword monitoring comes in. It's a feature on that checks a specified URL for the presence of specific keywords. This allows you to ensure that your website is functioning as expected and that all of your content is being displayed to visitors.

How Keyword Monitoring Works

Keyword monitoring on involves downloading the entire content of a specified URL and checking for the presence of specified keywords. If the service doesn't find the keywords, it alerts you, indicating that there may be an issue with your website's content.

This is different from checking the HTTP response code, which only tells you whether the server responded successfully or not. Keyword monitoring, on the other hand, checks the actual content of your site to ensure that it's loading correctly.

The Benefits of Keyword Monitoring

Keyword monitoring provides several benefits, including:

  • Ensuring that your website's content is loading correctly
  • Helping you catch issues with your site that may not be immediately apparent
  • Providing an additional layer of monitoring beyond checking the HTTP response code
  • Alerting you to potential problems before they become major issues


Keyword monitoring is an essential tool for website owners who want to ensure that their content is loading correctly and that their visitors are having a great experience. By using's keyword monitoring feature, you can catch issues early and ensure that your site is always up and running smoothly.

Updated on 18 June, 2023