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Uptime & SSL

We will monitor both uptime and SSL certificates expire date.

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Instant notifications

Select contact method and rest assured that your site is reachable.

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Custom checks

Create get & post calls with custom headers and validates the returned data.


What we can do for you

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Monitor your websites uptime

Create a custom call where you specify expected response. Example; add http://yourdomain.com/dbcheck and validate that you get the value "ONLINE" back. If not then we will concider the site as down and notify you.

Monitor SSL Certificates status

We will keep track of your SSL's and notify you when your SSL certificates are about to expire, or if an invalid certificate is discovered.

3 min setup

The average time from first visit until an setup account including a domain one domain being monitored is less then 3 minutes. Its really that easy.




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Uptime winners

WhatsMyIP.com - 100% uptime
PromoCode.com - 100% uptime
Statsskuld.se - 99.7% uptime
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What our clients say ?

WhatsMyIp.Com uses MonitorUptime.IO
Statsskuld.se joined our service the first day we launched our uptime monitor

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